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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Trip To IPOH

Trip to Ipoh been famous as foodie-trip, culinary trip or anything you want to say.
Different with the Penang food trip where most of the dishes are curry-ish, coconut-ish, and heavy-ish.
Ipoh food is more to Chinese, Hainan Style (Well, I don't even know what style until I give a try)

Ipoh also good option to take weekend break for free-and-easy option, less hassle, and less expectation for sure.....

We took ETS train from KL Sentral - Ipoh.
Quite convenient and easy

We book the ticket online too
RM 35 / way

I like ETS a lot, cos if the convenience, price and the frequency (its like available every hour)
Brand new coach, completed with mini canteen and a quite clean toilet area.
The journey took about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur

The IPOH old train station

From the train station we walked to the hotel.

What I could see around Ipoh is the city is not so big, and no high-rise building like we used to see in Kuala Lumpur or Johor.

Ipoh is quite humble, with people drive their car in a very good manner too.

French hotel

kind of copy-ing the concept of Tune hotel (but French Hotel is much much much nicer)

Once we check in, 
drop our bag
we straight away out to look for something to munch

FYI, Ipoh road is very easy to remember and almost everything available in one square city.
Walk is enough to go anywhere

First meal:
Disappointed with the deep fried mozzarella and nasty nachos from Bricks 'n barrels

Trip to Ipoh is not complete without trying their Chinese food,
especially seafood

Not so sure about what to eat...
this place we found from Trip Advisor

And they mentioned that the seafood is superb with a very cheap price...


Look at our bills

The next food trip is to give a try their local dim sum

I was ordered like crazy here...
I pick anything I love and I don't really care if I could finish them or not

Not so good Pau

Too sweet for me

Lovely prawn dumpling

Total Bill was RM 26.00 include tea for two people
(Can Imagine, I need to pay about RM 78++ in Publika to get the same amount of Dim Sum)



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