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Friday, 20 June 2014

Short Trip To Pangkor Island

Having a weekend off is a nice to have some short travel,
well... we should've had trip on Wednesday 11 June but I can't take too much leave coz I've taken
way too much during my Convocation day.

We book Nipah Guest House in Nipah Bay area for RM 180/Night for triple chalet.
I was thinking to book something cheaper and easier around the area, but I can't bother. I fall in love with the picture in Trip Advisor.

Pangkor Island is the cheaper version compared to Pangkor Laut Resorts. Well, nothing 5** here, but it still many things we could do to make the vacation fun and enjoyable.

The guesthouse front line is quite simple but adorable.
Small pantry with the tidy eateries area, books and novel to read for free.

The line to the chalet..
How nice is that...

White, clean, comfortable. Compared with other guest house most of them are cramped with lots of rooms, and lots of trees, maybe pile of dead wood, junk, tin, etc. This guest house is very tidy and clean with total only 8 chalet we have our privacy. 

The breakfast with cook-your-own. Simple selection of breads, jams, jellies, butter, fruits, coffee, tea, and some cakes. I failed my sausages, none of them cooked properly. Mr have to made scrambled eggs for my breakfast the next day.

Pangkor island is not AWESOME, but not bad too...
The beach not as great as Perhentian and other east coast area, but actually nicer than Langkawi.

The Nipah Bay area has crazier waves in the afternoon which we lost our hotel's key, scooter's key, slippers, and a couple can of our beers just in one big wave. All washed out into the sea.

Betty Blop everywhere

Different with Langkawi, Perhentian and  Penang where the locals living from I DONT KNOW
On Pangkor Island the locals mostly work at the local business too, such as taking care their chalet, taxi, open restaurant and fisherman. 

Fresh seafood is the most amazing entertainment for me. 
I often  disappointed when we travel to island, and we got rubbish quality BBQ seafood in a very very expensive price. But in Pangkor, I am pampered with fresh local seafood in a very adorable price.


Dinner 1st Night at Daddy's Cafe
Its in Coral Bay area approx 10 min walk from Nipah Bay
But we can't be bothered, so we took our scooter.

Rent scooter in Pangkor is quite cheap as RM 40 per 24 hours, with deposit RM 10. We rent from budget guest house in Nipah Bay area. Actually there are several place provide scooter rent like Seagull Guest House, Nazri Villa etc.

I think Pangkor island only have one official petrol station on the land, however many people selling  retail in the bottle on the road side with a very cheap price too.

After breakfast we roam around Pangkor Island and visiting the Dutch Fort.

Not much thing except the brown building.

Small but nice for photo shoot.
I can imagine someone must have their pre wedding shoot here too


another pampered session, with deep fried fish, veggie, sweet sour sliced fish (another fish) and steam rice. I just can't get enough with its fresh seafood, experiences I can't get in Kuala Lumpur or other place (almost never eat seafood in KL)

mini tid bits and drink sell over the street

Pre-dinner munchies

It was still too early to have heavy dinner, but we are a bit hungry caused of too much play around with jet-ski and crazy waves. We went to Restaurant No-7 in Nipah Bay area. It has the nicest sea view deck restaurant compared to others. And instead of selling a la carte BBQ grill, Restaurant No 7 offer the different menu such as: 

RM 60 for two inclusive 
1 x Sweet Sour Fish (Medium)
1 x Calamary Ring (Medium)
2 -3 kind of vegetable
3 Chili crab 
2 x drink
2 x omelette

it mean to served for 2 people, but I guess It can fit 3-4 female adult. Way too much for  us, so we just order little clear tomyam seafood (RM 8) and small portion of sweet and sour squid (RM 8)

Don't be too grumpy when the service is a bit slow... only2 person work in this restaurant. Mother, as chef and her young son work as waiter + cashier + Dishwasher + Running Man, etc.

Restoran Horizon Teluk Nipah

Is our proper dinner place. We choose a bigh red-snapper to grill with some vegetable and steamed rice.
Compared to other restaurant in Nipah Bay, this place is quite expensive. But compared to Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, Penang, and esp PORT KLANG seafood price. You just need to pay 1/3 of their price.

We got a very big grilled red snapper for RM 28, little bit here and there, the bill was less than RM 45 (for food) add in beers become RM 99.10

I guess I talked too much,
we went back the next day using the same ferry.

Stop by in their souvenir market and buy a couple pieces of seafood for the officemate.

cheap price
good quality product

walking area near Lumut jetty

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