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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

How Do I Love Balinese Body Scrub

Lulur is a very common word in Indonesia and Malaysia. Related to homemade body scrubs traditionally used by men and women to remove the dead skins, dirt and to improve the blood circulation.

I still remember when I was a kid, my mom used 
to grind coffee bean, rice and tamarind and mixed with coconut oil to scrub my body. 

This habit keeps continue until now just the different I don't grind my own coffee, but bought it from the store.

Ovale lulur Bali I bought from Department Store in Indonesia

Most of the ingredients are very familiar to me,
Oryza sativa : rice
Manihot Utilissima : cassava / tapioca
Olive Oil
Zea Mays starch : cornstarch

Natural Aromatic Oil,

Now I know why sometimes people said the aroma if the scrubs is very strong
Its essential oil

The one I open now is milk-body scrub
We all know that milk is one of the best natural cleanser, and it's used widely in many products such: milk cleanser, milk bath, milk body mask, etc.

The aroma is a bit too strong that I need to open 
My window, otherwise the whole living room will smell like lulur (good smells tho)

The scrub agent is grounded rice
Yes.... Uncooked, grounded rice

Since I know it's a natural ingredients, nothing to worry about

Put a bit of the lulur paste on your skin,
Spread all over
PS you don't need lots of amount to the skin, like another lulur which you need to put extra generous. 
Lulur Bali is very thick, I only need a little bit and smear it over.
It's enough to clean around

Rub gently, 
We can see that the scrub start took around our dirt and make the cream change the color/texture of the cream after a while.

yup, that is the dirt coming off my body

That is my whole day dirt collection I got from
Metro-bus, my own sweat, make up and many more. 
How much you think you can collect after whole week working and jogging...?

I quite like lulur Bali, even if when I purchase it was a bit expensive (RM 20.00) for such a small container compared to the normal body scrubs in supermarket (RM 8 - 10) for 250gr.

But now I know why it makes them a bit pricey...

The Pro's
  • Traditionally made, less chemical
  • Natural aroma (ylang-ylang, coffee, chocolate, jasmine), no artificial perfume.
  • Need less effort to scrub the body around compared to other product
  • Thicker, less cream needed compared to other product
  • Smaller container, easier to bring to travel. Esp fussy flight
  • Just rinse on the shower, no shower gel needed. 

The Contra's:
  • Pricey
  • The aroma limited to traditional aroma, for some people might find it odd
  • After scrubbing your body, you might need to scrub your shower floor. I suggest to stand on a towel, easier to clean.
  • It's not 100% natural, bit of chemical and preservatives in the product

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