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Thursday, 5 December 2013


At the final month of 2013 

I would like to say thank you mainly for...

My Super Big Relief


Finally I made it, after I enter - stop - lost every single cent of my life saving, power and hope -
I wake up...
start save from zero
 And register AGAIN to get what I've dreamed before

Life is so much easier if you put a trust on yourself 

Mambo Friends

I don't have many friends around, nor a hangout gang.
Most of the time I roam and travel alone.
But I have special people out from family color up my life and keep me feel like a human.

Thanks for staying around me...

Good Food All Year Around

Special thanks to my Mr ad his awesome cooking skills
Life is so tasty with you around :)

Never Ending Random Travel

It doesn't have to be fancy,
It doesn't have to be a place listed in Discovery Channel,
It doesn't have to be a luxury

Just book a cheap ticket, light pack, and Ciao...!

Of course there so many moments in 2013 I am thankful for I can't list them one by one..

It's been a joyful 2013

 And I am counting day to new year..


Anonymous said...

thanks too for being my friend...though kita tak spend time together a lot...hopefully 2014 will be kinder and better for you and me!


Klita said...

Ad foto aku juga disitu baru liat ahhh terharu 😢😢