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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Jakarta Trip 5: Hari Raya Aidil Adha

After the train trip from Bandung, we arrive in Gambir Station, Jakarta around 6:00pm. The day has been dark and it is not so easy to get taxi. We have to wait at least 30 min in the queue to get Blue Bird taxi arrive. 

Most of the main road has been closed for Hari Raya Celebration ( takbir Akbar) so that the driver need to took further road to send us to the hotel. It cost us USD 5 for blue bird taxi from Gambir to Sudirman area, where the journey took about 40 min. Quite cheap yes...

We were way too tired to do anything, decide to have a quick dinner in Pizza Hut and sleep.

At 5:30 am we woke up and get ready to go to mosque for Hari Raya Prayer. When we arrive there people already line up with their newspaper and sajadah (prayer mat). We move the prayer on the main road because the mosque couldn't fit all the people.

It was actually burning hot when we sat by the road at 7:00 am,
but we still manage to took couple picture before the prayer.

Just after salam, we ran back to the apartment.
Both of us were hungry, and Mr been waiting for us for breakfast.

a weird breakfast combination

Something I really like about Indonesian food is our spring rolls.
Instead of yam or some radish, we use glass noodle or bean sprout as the filler.

We will fly back to Kuala Lumpur at the same day in the afternoon,
meanwhile we watch some random cartoon network and packing.

Shrek for Hari Raya day off : NOT BAD

At 11:00 am we took taxi to the airport.
I thought the road will be in bad traffic like usual so that I initiated to leave the hotel early.
Actually the road was super empty...
It took us about 40 min from Jakarta city to the airport

we spent sometimes to silly around in the airport

free seat and aircond in Starbucks

I was quite drunk in the airport..
way to cheap to say goodbye to my half-bottle bombay sapphire

end up with throw the coffee and use the paper cup to make concoction

My Darling
Thanks for being patient taking care of this old-drunk-wrinkle woman.. behehehhehe...

at 14:00 we leave Jakarta Raya to back to Kuala Lumpur



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