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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

2013 Planning

Year changing... means LIFE changing...?
or continue to the old plan..

4 Kilometres in  more than half hour... *even my cat can run faster


ha ha I don't know..

If I allow to make  a plan for 2013, there gona be a looooooong looooooong list
I can add everything  from stop drinking, having 50 Kg weight, until marathon as my new year resolution.


you think that will be happen?


my 2012 average filled with lot of fun and busy between work, study and stay at home..
plenty list I checked from my one-year-checklist-plan too...
it was fun and good... but NOT ENOUGH....
I CAN MAKE IT BETTER next year :)

Wasn't travel so much like 2011, but you know.. when you getting older you will travel 
or not travel with purpose. Not just buying random ticket and wander around confused.

Running is one of my good achievement too... still short distance, took me lot lot lot of minutes, 
but still better than nothing. I just need to motivated myself to run more with longer distance.

End of this year I'm going to collect total three semester with 10 subject in my pocket. 
After that we will see how strong I am, 
only then I can decide whether to take Graduation project in semester four or the following one.

Finish the study, Graduate, Convocation ceremony, taking picture with graduation hat,
 are some of the main title for my soap drama series, season 2013..

New career path, new family planning and their chaos will colour up the following season...

Sounds very easy and average plan eh..?
what you expect from average person with average look, average body weight, average problem and average life..?

don't expect too much from me... ha ha

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