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Monday, 5 November 2012

A big big big big big breakfast

Journal by Plan B
Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Another thankful letter I sent to God for give me Sunday off. Yeah, today's class cancelled and move it to 17th November.
"How sweet it is....!"

The most relieving ad joyable day,
where I don't have to wake up at 6 and chase metro bus at 7 am sharp to avoid traffic.
No walk around carrying super heavy laptop and tons of books.

NO.. no need to do that today.. :-)

Just wake up at 7.30, watch the security change the working shift from balcony.
Sip my coffee slowly, enjoy the morning breeze
looking at worker painting the water tower..
Tempted to watch TV but my time will waste just like that if I watch TV.

So i decided to grab my running shoes, and start having lazy run around the complex.
4 kilometres in a lot lot lot lot of minutes.. little bit calories burnt..

Slow run in the morning is just nice,
not about how healthy I'm going to be. Just I like walking when the air still cold and clean.
No mat rempit roaring around, no foreign worker polluting around the air,
All just nice..  clean... and friendly...

Then walk back to wake Mr up and have some breakfast together.
well for me it is..

Latte and Cappuccino for starter

Heart shape in my latte..

 and our giant breakfast..
filling up until dinner time

I don't even need a lunch
*unusual isn't it..?

Corned beef, sunny side eggs on toast
and sauteed mushroom

Omelet on toast, 
 and sauteed mushroom for me

lot of filling

I could reckon inside of my omelet was turkey ham, onion, sliced mushroom,
and some greenish.. spinach maybe.

A nice late breakfast..
now we can home and continue to sleep :-P

Something simple that happen around the house can be very meaningful, sweet, nice and memorable
if we do it in happy mood and full of gratitude.


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