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Friday, 27 January 2017

Marcella First Birthday: Rabbit Farm Berjaya Hills

Because we didn't have a party, Daddy treat Marcella with short trip to Rabbit Farm.
Which I got more excited than Marcella herself.

*Dah kata "Farm" pasti la bau..
Yet I didn't think about the smell consequences. 

After brunch, we head up to North.

Baby enjoy her pasta and steamed long bean

Berjaya Hill or famous with name as Colmar Tropicale is around 40 min driving from Kuala Lumpur. After exit highway, we still have to drive (I don't know how long) which turn me bored to death along the way.

The ticket entrance

and Rabbit stamp so that we can come back when we went out from the Farm.

First impression:
nak termuntah you olls... homaigawd.
memang bau gila-gila
***Eleeeh... dah namanya animal farm, of cos la bau.. apa yang berlagak sangat ni kakak cis..!!

Hey, helow...
I pun anak orang kampung, ayah kita pun ada animal farm.
ada itik, ayam, rabbit, kambing, kucing and lembu.
But his farm kat kampung not nearly smelly as this farm.

 The smelliest donkey I've ever seen in this world.
Seems like they never get bath for I don;t know how long
(ye la kak, haiwan mana mandi..."

oooiii siapa cakap hewan tak mandi..!
Gajah mandi, lembu mandi, kerbau mandi, kuda mandi, kucing mandi, dog mandi.
Donkey pun supposed to be regularly bath.
But I am not sure why they didn't

Some of the deer has very ugly skin condition.
I can see their body hair fallen, scabs.
Doesn't seem happy.
But the rabbit, dotted deer and other animal seems fine.

Marcella touching baby deer.

Sudah sudah lah...
Mama nak pengsan dengan kebauan yang tak tertahankan.

Tak Suka..!

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