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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Family Trip To Cherating Malaysia

We had weekend trip to Cherating Beach last weekend with my Mother in Law.
It was a simple weekend getaway by the beach just to get over Kuala Lumpur and its shopping Mall :-P

The journey from KL to Cherating took us like almost five hours because we set wrong waze, the waze sent us to Cherating via Semenyih, Kuala Lipah, Broga Hill etc.

DAY 1:

Stop Over in KFC Kuala Lipah for quick lunch.
Marcella was giving great cooperation with her car seat.


We stayed in Samsuria Beach Resort, we took 2 bed room apartment.
For the quality of the building it doesn't cost us much. Average just RM 180++ per night per room with bonus of separate living room and simple kitchen.

The Bedroom

Living room, Dining Room, Pantry

                  The 2nd bedroom                                                 Jonathan and Mum unload the luggage

Enjoy the evening and waiting for Maghrib time

        The Little Missy is exhausted..!!  
                                                                   Our room services which quite cheap and not bad at all

DAY 2:

On 2nd day we roam around the area to get out breakfast. Drove from Cherating to Kemaman but we couldn't get any restaurant that suit anyone's palate (I was looking forward to stop on by road side and help myself with big plate of Nasi Dagang, Gulai Ikan (Tuna Curry) and Acar (Pickle).

Apparently that wasn't our menu :-P

We stop at ombok restaurant (Ombak in Kuantan dialect, where all "A" turn into "O") 
Ombak means Wave, located at the same area with Suria and Eastania Beach Resort.

In a small size restaurant, Ombok cafe have a very nice menu with "Western Standard"food.
(Why do I said that). It has proper coffee machine to make latte, espresso, cappuccino on any Western name of coffee.

                      My Nesafe tarik                                                              My big breakfast :)

               After breakfast we are going back to the hotel just for relax and get ready with beach BBQ.

someone is so patient waiting the BBQ to be ready

The BBQ Man 

In the middle of BBQ my Ex-classmate appear with her husband and kid. They drove from Jengka, Pahang (About 2.5 hrs) just to meet us.
*what a nice :)

Marcella had swimming session with Daddy where Mum and Grandma just watching from the side.
Mama is too lazy to dip in the water.

DAY 3:

Today is our check-out day,
we just take it easy with Morning walk by the beach.

Marcella is so curious with the sand and couldn't help herself to feel and taste them.
Yes, she licked her sandy finger couple times whenever she got a chance ha ha.

Her dad and Grandma joining us with picnic mat, then brought her to dip in the sea water.
She seems really enjoy her first beach trip.

let me swim, let me swim..!!!

ah... that is better 
Dip in the water

Nice trip :)

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